Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What Would An Asshole Do? Ask Tod Maffin

It's always interesting to notice how much of a person's character comes through on a blog, which is usually the last place that anyone wants to be exposed for their true nature.
Most bloggers bend over backwards to appear "cute" and friendly, when they're not likely either in real life.

Had Tod just posted his usual technology blurb or notice of a meeting for obviously lonely, lonely people, I wouldn't have much to chew on.

But today he handed me the most delightful example of his morals and reporting reliability.
Feast your eyes on this piece of work:

When I saw the headline I was momentarily taken aback that Tod was actually doing what it looked like he was doing.
Using his blog, and his reader's time to get even with a restaurant because of some personal affront - Tod was humiliated in public and was now getting even.

Can you believe that this isolated incident was so friggen' important to him?
That he would go to the trouble of getting the graphic and writing up this silly, stupid, twisted story that amounts to nothing.
Because no one messes with Tod Maffin without living to regret it.
Every slight suffered by the innocent, harmless, angelic Maffin is now going to be reported to his immense audience.
For Tod, when he sings about Blue Suede Shoes, he means his ego.

And notice the reporter/journalist at work, inadvertently (HA! - as if) leaving out a crucial part of the dialogue:

Tod's version goes like this -
"I asked if I could sit down and order something while I was waiting"

and immediately, the response comes back -
"Don't tell me how to run my business!"

Does anyone else get the impression that something is missing here?
Something has been purposely omitted from this dialogue.
Something that would explain the reaction from the owner, and make the conversation flow in a comprehensible way.

But that's part of Tod's tactic here.

He presents himself as perfectly rational and courteous, and the other person as totally irrational.
Or did you miss that?
Because if you did, Tod has peppered the story with even more evidence that the other person is basically "crazy", not behaving as a normal person would.

Tod Maffin is an asshole.

And has a very weird understanding of the concept of forgiveness ..

After Mr. Stamoulis had come forward to say he was sorry, Tod says "I'd forgiven him immediately".

Yet here is the whole sordid, and misrepresented, story with the sole purpose of humiliating Mr. Stamoulis and losing customers for his nice restaurant.

That's what you get when you mess with Tod Maffin.
And let that be a lesson to all of you/us.

I find several things offensive here, but I think the lowest is when he can't bring himself to leave in the remark that Tod made that set the guy off.
Obviously Tod had done a little more than just ask if he could

In fact I suspect he left out quite a bit.

Let's give the missing part a try:

T: I'll just have a coffee. I'm just waiting for someone.

S: This is a restaurant, not a coffee shop.

T: But I'm a customer ordering something and I should be entitled to get what I want.

Had this dialogue been inserted in the story then Mr. Stamoulis' understandable outburst would have made some sense at least.
But that would undermine Tod's story-line here.
In fact, Tod needs to bring in other people and make Mr. Stamoulis look as bad as possible even before the outrageous and totally uncalled for actions against mild mannered Mr. Maffin.

Tod was not being a jerk, because Tod is not a jerk, as Tod tells it.
He has manners and behaves himself.
When he says he forgives you, it means he's on his way home to shit on you in front of the whole world.

And when Tod tells a story, you can be sure that you're getting all relevant information.
That's if you put the agenda first and then the facts to support it.

But then, isn't that what blogging is all about in the Tod universe?

Let's all hate Scoozis, because Tod hates Scoozis.

And sure enough, the Maffin Minions eat it right up.

These two airheads long ago stopped thinking for themselves ...


Tod Maffin said...

Alan, you said:

> Using his blog, and his reader's
> time to get even with a restaurant
> because of some personal affront


Because someone felt slighted because the way they were treated in public, they would want to respond in public.


What's your reason for creating this blog?


P.S. I'll look forward to your answer and screenshot.

Allan said...

Tod, you have to admit that if you had this to do over again, you would have let it go, instead of making a fool of yourself over nothing.

What surprised me the most I think was that it was so unrelated to anything on your blog, and that you could not see the futility and future embarrassment for yourself.
But you wanted to be remembered as a big shot everywhere you go.

Maybe read that Hitchens piece again about being both liked and feared.

You seem to have a lot more to learn about life than you realize.

What's your problem?

Tod Maffin's version of absolute power.
I wrote a comment at a famous blog.
Tod didn't like it, and took the intial steps of legal action to have it removed.
He was successful.

It made me an unhappy camper.
And I happen to really like it here.

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