Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tod Maffin Assured ROI

and here it is ...

Tod Maffin asks: would you rather be an idiot or listen to me?

"Wouldn’t you rather spend your time planning a guarantee a return on your social media investment, than learning how to re-color a Twitter avatar?"
~ le Tod

- such elaborate attention to style and presentation, very little to proof-reading

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tod Maffin on Google Wave: "I don't get it"

Tod wants so desperately to do radio again ...

but how long will his interest last?

Now he's trying to float a weekly "podcast" via MediaOnTap

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

No, Tod Maffin

that is not the G Spot

The Goofy Guru

He's at it again.
The JFK Assassination conclusions are about to be blown wide open!
From the mind of Tod Maffin comes what everyone else missed.

Of course, when I tell people about my fascination (obsession?) with the Kennedy assassination, many people ask if I think Lee Harvey Oswald did it. I do have a theory. (”Well Chris, what is it that it is – this theory of mine. Well, this is what it is – my theory that I have, that is to say, which is mine, is mine.”)

Like the Warren Commission found, I think Oswald fired shots from the sixth floor of the TSBD building. Except don’t think he was aiming at Kennedy.

I’m going to finally write out my theory in the coming day or two and will post it here.

~ Tod

And while we wait ... holy crap ... he's going to print out his meticulous inventory of JFK Assassination memorobilia ... started when he was 11 ...
Really, worthless junk.
To the point where it includes a magazine that's famous for NOT HAVING ANYTHING IN IT ABOUT KENNEDY !!!!!

And lots of DVD's he couldn't even sell for a dollar!

All typed out with dates and details.

At least he wasn't collecting dolls, but, Tod may surprise us yet.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tod Maffin, Wikipedia has multiple issues with you. So too, reality

Tod Maffin Makes A Good Living Talking, Essentially, Bullshit In Front Of Idiots

Now Tod is claiming that he's been speaking professionally for 13 years.

Tempting to ask "how is that possible? you're only 12!"
But Tod is way ahead of his age. He's got that futurist mind, you know.

And Tod doesn't speak to his own age group, because that group can see right through him.
He speaks to older people, really, really, older people, the kind who have given up thinking for themselves, kind of like the people who work in government.
He speaks to younger people too, who want to know "hey, how can I get a scam like this going myself, because you're full of shit and hey, even I can do that".

Tod's own age group just stare at him, thinking "you've got to be kidding me. Here's a guy arrogantly trying to pretend he's totally with it and not an idiot, when at every turn he proves he is one!"

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Tod Maffin 2005 "using his employers resources to promote it" - why does that ring a bell?


destruction with a purpose

Tod Maffin deletes negative comments all the time in real life but he plays one who doesn't on TV

after admitting to unethical behaviour Tod Maffin suggests fighting back

but if you're TOO passionate he'll call you a stalker

The Maffinizer

a post reviewing Tod Maffin promotional material

Have you ever seen that arcade game where a mechanical gopher sticks its head out of a hole, out of several holes, and you're supposed to see if your reflexes are fast enough to hit it?

Tod is kind of like the gopher, and the Internet is the board of holes.
Something like that.

This week in Tod Maffin News, Tod posts a new promotional video.
And it is, as always, delightful.
Another instant classic, alongside those of Moe, Larry and Curly.

your window on that master of strategy ...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tod Maffin's "Caddyshack"

Ross Petty.
Richard Petty.
Tom Petty.

All masters in their field.

Tod Maffin?

Just plain petty.

According to Maffin, if YOU are a member of this golf club YOU ARE A SNOB!
That's right. ALL of you.

Here's Tod, who posted this for a few days and then censored himself and deleted it ...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

just how slow are the people of New Brunswick?

Once again Tod spreads his bullshit to the Eastern shores of Canada.

Excerpts from reports about a recent Maffin speech ...

he's a tech whiz
a powerhouse on new technologies

Maffin, a national CBC broadcaster, podcasting pioneer and entrepreneur, gave tips on recruiting the Facebook generation.

"Traditional communications for corporations has been like a flock of birds," he said. "Companies were always trying to push their message to the front of the flock."

"But in the new world of social media," he said, "trust and affinity groups are the key drivers behind information spreading. It's more like a swarm of bees where information sharing is based on trust."

Although every company should use online social media tools, Maffin said executives - often well past the 18 to 32 year-old Facebook generation - don't need a crash course on how to Tweet or upload photos to Flickr.

"CEOs of corporations don't necessarily have to Tweet or become an expert in all these nerdy things," he said. "What they do have to do is recognize results when they come in."

Whether you work for a local firm or a foreign multinational, Tod Maffin says you'll need social networking to take flight in this economic downturn.

Maffin said companies of every sort need social networks to forge tighter ties with their customers.

He said the old corporate method of only reaching customers through traditional advertising won't work in an age where customers control the medium and the message on Facebook and Twitter.

"Every company that fails to be an active member in the swarm will eventually get bitten, and bitten hard, because of the way young people want to engage with a company. They want to have that relationship."

He said forming that relationship can be done with a few easy Twitter messages, or by creating a Facebook group about the company and what it has to offer.

As that method becomes the norm, Maffin said, smaller economies such as New Brunswick will be better suited to build a tightly knit online community.

"I think smaller businesses and smaller economies like New Brunswick have a much greater opportunity than big New York companies," he said.

"The closer you are to the ground with the people you're trying to reach, the easier it will be to make that connection."

But Maffin said companies shouldn't get overzealous with their online campaigns.

One of the worst online experiences he could remember was when he once tried to ease his cold symptoms by researching what type of Kleenex came laced with lotion, only to be bombarded by a three-page online survey.

"I didn't want a one-on-one relationship with their vice-president of marketing; I wanted to blow my nose and get on with my life," he said.

"Don't try to fit old advertising square pegs into the round holes of social media - personalize your sites, let the customer get involved, and we'll build an economy of trust together."

Tod Maffin STILL Says The Dumbest Things

What God?
What soul?

He declares himself a heretic, then calls on God to save him.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Magic of Tod Maffin

Tod Maffin would have made a very good Minister.

He can say unbelievable things with such conviction.

He could have easily followed in his mother's footsteps.

But he wasn't bright enough to figure out that spiritual realm where God exists.
He realized he lacked the fundamental requirement.

So he chose computers, where he fit perfectly.
Because computers have no soul.
And no conscience.
And it worked great for a while.
For a while, people actually thought that Tod, like computers, was smarter than them.

But now, everyone Tweets and blogs, and stare blankly when you say the word Podcast.
Now Tod's magic has become very ordinary, just like him.

So what is Tod busying himself with?
Banging hot chicks like Hez?
He's learning real magic tricks.

Get ready for a ping pong ball to emerge from Tod's mouth during his next Powerpoint presentation.

Tod Maffin Should Start A Blog On Me

Well, not ON me but about me.

He could retaliate... eh ... respond, by starting a blog that says how great I am.

See now that would be ironic, Tod.
And far more clever than calling me a "stalker".

Calm Down, Tod

Tod has gone from banging his head against the wall to actually putting his fist through it.

Ha, just kidding.
Tod's rage is totally under control.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Betty Gilgoff, an educator, gives her impression of a Tod Maffin speech


So the inspiration which has pushed me to do this today is Tod Maffin, the end-of-the-day-keynote at the VSS conference. The first time I heard Tod Maffin was on CBC radio early one morning when I woke up to him being interviewed about why he had just deleted his Facebook account; yes, he deleted his Facebook account! His friends were all, rightly so, immediately concerned about his well being. Tod is funny, articulate and provocative. Thinking back to that, I shouldn’t have been caught off guard when he spoke, but I was. While I don’t have today’s speech but if you haven’t heard him speak before, its worth watching one of his YouTube videos to get a sense of who he is:

Appealing to the Facebook generation isn’t particularly contentious, nor really was today’s talk. Early on he asked who believed in multi-tasking. A good portion of the audience raised hands, me included. This was bold on my part given some of my previous thinking on the subject such as one of my earlier blog posts on LIveJournal in 2007 Flow vs Multi-Tasking. But understand that since I wrote that post I’ve been immersed in teaching with technology. I’ve become a real blogger AND a microblogger on twitter. I now have my own ipod touch and I’m learning spanish partly through long walks with little white wires dangling from my ears. So while I do still find it rude and I would agree 100% that one cannot totally be at one’s best when multi-tasking, I would not agree that learning and multi-tasking are incompatible. But I guess one has to start this discussion with actually defining learning and that may be wherein lies the real meat of the argument. Tod Maffin didn’t go there.

His talk though based on his opinions was, he said, well backed up with research or at least reading he has done. Certainly there is lots of research coming out about brain plasticity and how digital media and imagery is changing the way brains are developing. We both agree that children’s brains are developing differently. Children who spend a lot of time using digital media scan a page of text differently. They process images differently. He spoke to the over identification of learning disabled students in a world that might really be about learning disabled teaching environments. I applauded that point as well as when he started to look at what an amazing creative, critical thinking generation of students we are beginning to see emerge from this digital, imagery driven world. Then he took a turn back to three ways to help these digital student learn better, presumably in our text based world without really ever bringing up the question of what learning really is. His example, two university classes one in which the students kept their tech toys while the in other students were asked to leave them at the door, may have demonstrated that the students paid attention to his words differently, but says nothing at all about the learning, the critical thinking, the retention, the risk taking or creative thinking that may have come from what was presented in either group. This is of particular interest to me as I consider with my colleagues in our self study the question of what learning really is. What do we except as evidence of learning?

So while I do agree that we do want to be attentive to helping our students to monitor the learning space (consider the tech toys, rethink multi-tasking), by informing the habits (get enough sleep, have a good breakfast) and by informing the balance (be mindful, keep perspective) I’m not yet ready to buy in to believing that learning just happens if we set up the right environment. Learning needs active participation on the part of the learner that I still believe might be enhanced by keeping the tools in the learners hands. All good food for thought though. Thank you Tod for an inspiring, stimulating talk.

[Editor's note: this post inspired by "quiltily" watching and contributing to the #VSS2009 twitter conversation during the Tod Maffin talk while also note taking. So I ask you, what do you consider to be evidence of learning?]

My Response ...

I'm going to ask you to think seriously and look closely at what Tod Maffin is saying.
I ask as well that you look at his qualifications for giving a talk like this, as say compared to you giving a talk like this.
What claims does Tod Maffin make about himself?

But yes, let's deal with the content of his speech regardless of who gave it.
How was that defined?
As juggling and playing the accordion at the same time?
Or as going to school full time and being a single mother?
Unless you have a clear definition, then what's the point of asking people to put up their hands?

As an educator, I think it is vital that you question the information you are given, and examine it closely.
I was looking for a more complete, almost a transcript of Tod's remarks when I got to this page, but it's alright that you simply share "impressions".
However, I think a careful reading of his remarks will lead most anyone to agree that what Tod presents is indeed "walking the fine line between science, opinion, and entertainment".

The YouTube clip is one I'm familiar with.
I will ask you if you really think you hold the cards when going into a job interview - ANY job interview.
What is Tod trying to say to these employers?
The candidate holds all the cards? Since when?
Even Tod doesn't hold all the cards for ANY job.
The CBC doesn't need him. Does he still work there?

I won't belabour the point other than to say, you need to realize that you are just as smart and capable as any Tod Maffin, and would likely give a more responsible and factually based presentation if it were you up there, which it easily could be.

Thanks for this chance to contribute here, Betty.


Thanks Allan for contributing here. I think you make an important point in acknowledging my comment that refers to the fact that Tod is presenting as an entertainer and so mixes opinion and fact to make it all palatable. Please let me be clear though. I did thoroughly enjoy his talk. While I don't agree wholeheartedly with everything he says I certainly don't go through life expecting nor wanting to only listen to those with whom I agree. You're right that each of us needs to learn to think critically about what we hear. I welcome opportunities such as the one Tod provided where I am challenged to think and question. I enjoy the light hearted humorous approach Tod takes. I would certainly enjoy further opportunities to hear him speak.

I've had a look at your Tod blog and shuttered a bit to find my writing reproduced there as I certainly don't want to be represented as being anti-Tod Maffin. I will add a comment on your site as well to clarify my position. At the same time I do really like that blogging allows for dissenting ideas and opinions to come together in debate. All this helps to push each and every one of us to think for ourselves.

As to the content, indeed we need to clarify what multi-tasking means. Tod did do that to some extent in that he talked about the synapses in the brain switching from one task to another. (Again, I was tweeting and notetaking and so probably missed the exact words, perhaps someone who was simply listening will remember it all verbatim). As Claire mentions, we should likely consider very different levels of multi-tasking. My other concern with multi-tasking would be that even though it may cause distraction and prevent reaching a state of what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi refers to as being in "flow" in some cases, such as with notetaking or other activities which might help with retention of information, various kinds of multi-tasking might help with some kinds of learning.

[Today Wikipedia defines "flow" as "the mental state of operation in which the person is fully immersed in what he or she is doing by a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and success in the process of the activity"]

Thanks again for commenting and contributing to the conversation.

Tod Maffin is immune to Powerpoint

That's why he uses it so much.

Are you part of the Facebook Generation? Then Tod Maffin has some employment interview tips for you!


You don't need Starbucks.

Starbucks needs YOU !

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tod Maffin still bills himself as working for the CBC

LAVIN AGENCY, April 15, 2009

Maffin is a national CBC broadcaster, a podcasting pioneer, and a popular blogger whose posts are followed by thousands of people in the media, tech and business worlds

How many of these claims are actually true any more?

Are Tod and The Lavin Agency pretending that they haven't noticed this?

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Cosmic Twit, that is and from Tod Maffin

the ultimate sad zen

tod maffin has seen the future

and it is time travel in reverse

the future is back there

from where you were propelled

the Mother Corps

look at this boy what does the future hold for him

he'll be alone and masturbating for the rest of his life

unsuccessful in a relationship with a woman other than his mother

and really let's face it

who could stand for long looking up at those nostrils

as he grunts away thinking you probably like this

no he's more fun in other ways

like the odd couple but Tod won't live with anyone but his mother

and you his forever internet friends

who all pretend you believe him

all you who go along with his "gag", the unspoken "joke" and let's pretend

and hope that as you forgive Tod Maffin so too will you be forgiven your own barely believable reason for being in existence

here's pity for all of you whose mighty leader has fallen

may he yet rise again the rightful leader of CBC social media

juggling more balls than he has

to control and influence the digital publishing landscape

he's a nerd and will forever be a nerd

dreaming of the day when he'll become an authentic person

neither microsoft nor apple

neither a nerd nor an asshole

but a real man

it may yet happen

Icons don't age

but people do

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Review the Toshiba Portege R600 : you can't do it much worse than Tod Maffin

Why are you doing this, Tod?

It's not working. Too hokey, and no entertainment value whatsoever.

Comes off like a very lazy approach to pretending to be David Pogue.
I know David Pogue, and you're no David Pogue.

Does the world really need another review of this notebook?
Or is there some ulterior motive to doing this?
Because you hardly ever see Tod doing video for the web (or anywhere) ever.

Now kids, pay attention.
You can actually get away with doing reviews like this. Reviews that a 12 year old could do better. See, nothing to it. Kind of like Tod's brain.

Can you say "shift key" again, Tod?

And that grunt was extra special.

Betcha can't watch this video to the end.

Annoyance Averted: Tod Maffin NOT Elected

Regrettably, Tod was unable to get that $20,000 a year gig with the VanCity Credit Union.
And it was sooo close.
Their gain is our loss.

"The results are in and while I didn’t win a seat, I did really well and I’m thrilled with the showing.

Of the candidates who did not win, I was behind only two people — one was a highly respected incumbent (who, I think, most people expected would get a seat), and the other was an excellent candidate who had ran three times before. She and I were basically tied.

I garnered more than 5,800 votes. Not bad for somebody who’d never run for the board and hadn’t been known among Vancity circles."

We had been looking forward to watching Tod irritate the hell out people as he tries to bring everyone in Credit Unions to the realization that he is the de facto "electronic god" of all that exists within the human brain.

Instead we are are stuck with following whatever Tod's Plan "B" is going to be.

At his YouTube page he still wants people to believe that he works for or is affiliated with the CBC.

Probably no other person in the world still claims to be working for a company a year after they've left.
That rascal Tod. Still trying to con people.

Another Tod Maffin Website For The Dustbin

Having failed to get elected, you can be sure that Tod's enthusiasm for his involvement in a couple of websites is about to evaporate.
Besides, it was going to be a pretty tough gig trying to sell people on being a "forecaster" in the current economy.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tod Maffin Regrets "dirty2" Tactic During Election

He doesn't apologize for anything.
Just removes the post, and pretends it never happened.

Tod Maffin Hides The Cheese

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tod Maffin uses social media to attack opponents for not using social media

In a post, aptly titled
dirty2 ...

The slate of Kim Griffiths, Wendy Holm, and Lisa Barrett, in trying to connect with voters, established a blog some weeks ago. We welcomed them to the social media world!

But… are they actually interested in engaging in a dialogue with members, or is it all just a smoke-screen to just look like they’re hip to social media?

Let’s look at the facts.

1. First, they have not posted a single thing on their blog, except for a single “Hey, look at us, we launched a blog!” posting.
2. They do not have a Twitter account. Instead, they link to one of their slate’s personal Twitter accounts which has had all of four tweets throughout the campaign, and not a single @reply to start a discussion with members.
3. They have a “campaign diary” but do not accept any comments, questions, or critiques from members. One person even asked on their main blog site why…

Their response? Nothing. No answer back. That was 11 days ago and counting. This is their method of using social media to engage in a dialogue with with members?!

As we enter a decade where social media, technology, and large-scale change is occurring, are these really the people you want at the helm?

... Tod's usual public relations begin taking shape on behalf of Van City Credit Union.

Just think of what's in store for the people who will have the delightful experience of working with Tod Maffin.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

TOD Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah MAFFIN

For a Limited Time!


The latest Tod Maffin Podcast.

A 4 minute reminder of how weird Tod Maffin still is after all these months.
Another recitation of that special style of Tod Maffin bullshit.

But you know what?
There are a LOT of weird people in B.C.
So he could go far.

Like on the Board of a fuddy duddy credit union.
One that looks at Tod and sees an ambitious phony who's willing to do some public relations on the web for free for them so they can get with the times, while Tod thinks power.
But do you know anyone who can work with this asshole for more than 5 min.?
Even Tod can't stand people.
He's not a "people" person.

And nothing holds his interest for long.
And the writing's on the wall for his keynote career.

He has to do something.
Whatever happened to Swaziland?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

F is for Fearful, Fucked-Up and Fatherless

In his most recent epistle Tod Maffin continues to peel away the layers of the outstanding individual that is at the root of the real "Tod Maffin".

What starts out purporting to be an essay of navel-gazing about religious faith becomes almost instantly yet another litany of Tod Maffin's many great accomplishments.

to be continued ...

Tod Maffin searches his soul, using Advanced Preferences

Tod finally concedes that he doesn't believe that Jesus was the Son of God.

Also that he can't for the life of him figure out "that damned trinity" concept.

In that case, Tod, you're going straight to hell.

See you there!

Maffin's Motorcycle Diaries, without the motorcycle

– I travelled to rural Mexico with a group of other young Anglicans to learn about how the developing world lives and help build help for the people there

Come on, Tod, we all know why you really went there.

Tod Maffin's Most Frightening Flight Delay: helpless in a country of hot women

– I attended and worked at a theological conference in Brazil (and was briefly trapped in the country during a country-wide economic meltdown, government crisis, and public strike)

Communist agents fail to apprehend Tod Maffin

– I spent nearly two weeks in Cuba trying to evade government operatives, building from scratch an electronic mail and bulletin board system to link together the poorest of people.

~excerpt from Tod's evolving, imaginary biography.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tod Maffin On The Couch - First Session

Tod is being unusually frank and forthcoming in his latest blog post.
It's a good start, for the little twerp.

D is also for denial.

Relax, Dickhead

You know what your problem is?
You're a fake.

He keeps himself hopped on feel-good drugs, over-books his engagements, can't sleep properly, and then wonders why he has a breakdown in the bathroom of an airplane.

He secretly suspects that his dotcom charade is a house of cards but keeps adding more cards until he loses his nerve .

His wife realizes that he's not what he's cracked up to be. He's just cracked.
Instead of smoking, because of sensitive lungs, he pops pills.

And nothing is his fault.

He was abandoned by his father, so of course he has issues. Deep issues.

His relationship with his mother, who went on to a religious career, will make it hard for him to have a successful marriage.

Especially with me.

He should talk with Strombo, who found a way to cope with an absent father.
Make it into a radio special.
Marc Emery also has some worthwhile views on the subject.
He'll give Tod the framework for an award-winning program.
This would help Tod in more ways than one.

Exercise and get off the pills.
Be honest with himself. The article is a good start, but it's still avoiding the truth, and largely a manipulative piece that tries to engender sympathy.
But you also see an "I'm special", a twisting of the tale.
It's not entirely fair for Tod to take sole credit for MindfulEye.
He won't admit that it was not a valid investment for more than 5 minutes.
He blew other people's money on a dream that he didn't think through.
Everything is short-term.

He wants help, but wants to be in charge.

He may never be fully cured.

He brags about his success and lifestyle, but still wants you to feel sorry for him.
He thinks he's on to something, something he can exploit, his own illness. How much can he milk it for?

Tod put a lot of work into that piece. A LOT of work. That stuff takes days, even weeks to come up with. He has talent. He wants to entertain.
He was aiming for gut-wrenching, but it's so shallow.
He's experienced stress, which he doesn't handle well, but never real tragedy and loss.

He wants to be wealthy, famous, loved, respected, happy.

Don't we all.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

There is no risk of Tod Maffin becoming a lawyer

Tod gets all hopped up over a court ruling,
He views himself as more perceptive and sensible than a B.C. Supreme Court Justice.

the headline for the story:
Court orders Falun Gong to dismantle protest hut

I'm familiar with this part of Vancouver and this protest.
And I'm frankly surprised that it's taken this long for the city to act.
Does anyone think that people have a right to start erecting structures on any part of any street that they take a fancy to?
How about on your street?
How about on every street?
What if we all made a run for it and set up our own personal bus shelter with a private lock on it? I got here first!

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Sunni Stromberg-Stein ruled Thursday that erecting permanent structures goes against the fundamental purpose of the street.

Like, duh.

Tod Maffin is being very dumb, as usual.

TOD ... for the record his own words

This ( ) is a SHIT DECISION. Look at the picture and you tell me if their booth "encroaches" on the sidewalk. :-(

@buzzbishop Whoa Look at the photo. It simply is NOT ON THE SIDEWALK. They impede nobody. The stay 100% silent. Remove them? Really?!?!

@buzzbishop Yes, but the structure isn't what the court ruled against. It ruled against impeding the SIDEWALK which it CLEARLY doesn't do!

@dbarefoot You asked "Should we permit all non-intrusive, effectively-permanent protest structures?" YES WE SHOULD. That's free speech. :-)

Never ever ever take legal advice from an idiot.
(that would be Tod Maffin)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Trust Is An Issue With Tod Maffin

Tod shares, and finally puts some effort into his latest blog post ...

I ran into this policy more than once, working as DNTO’s western producer. Working on consumer-rights stories, I’d asked permission to record wearing a hidden microphone. I had to make my pitch to the head of news and each time I was turned down because the stories weren’t deemed to illustrate significant enough public trust.

Tod probably meant to say "enough public IN-TRUST", as in "interest", which is not spelled with a "u".

Of course, I was pissed off, but in retrospect, the CBC made the right call. After all, I worked in A&E (arts and entertainment), not news.

(Side note: With the help of six freelancers, I produced a documentary called “24 Hours at Hamburger Mary’s” — finding the stories of people who visit the Vancouver diner. The network killed the piece because I failed to tell the freelancers to get people’s last names. I still am bugged by that one.)

Getting last names is vital, in order that people take responsibility for what they are saying.
Otherwise the whole documentary could just as well be a work of fiction, as Tod's productions sometimes are.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blogging - the easy way. By Tod Maffin

Tod's "Original" blog entry. And the UBC Music Schoool

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tod Maffin's Brain Out Of Service

It's come to this.
Tod sits at home copying entries from The Canadian Exncyclopedia and pasting them into his blog.
(that's right, I said Exncyclopedia. Tod is so out of it)

Try to imagine what it must be like inside Tod Maffin's brain as it directs him to post an entry about an event that happened 77 years ago. An event of interest to no one, not even to Tod.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Talking To Air: another Maffin minion who can't handle the truth

You post a comment to her blog and she erases it.
Living up to the first principle of blogging Maffin-style: LIMIT DISCOURSE

Tod Maffin and The Lamest Blog Ever

January 8, 2009

His newest urgent entry, from the heart, that he shares, because you need to know this ...

Sixty years ago today, Tom Alsbury was sworn in as Vancouver mayor. Alsbury was the first Vancouver mayor to have been born in the 20th century (1904). He served as mayor of Vancouver from 1959 to 1962 and was born in Edinburgh.

... from the freaking international authority on blogs.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Typical Tod Maffin Scam - #1

Day One : create web page

Day Two : abandon web page

Day Three: announce that web page is now "one of the industry’s leading sources of trends, forecasts, and news."

The Typical Tod Maffin Scam - #2

Day One : create web site on topic of interest to professionals

Day Two : use web site relentlessly to promote Tod Maffin, posting resume and flattery about said individual

CBC Doing Much Better Since Tod Maffin Left

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Created only a month ago by Tod Maffin and already it's an industry leader. According to Tod Maffin.

His web site,, is one of the Credit Union industry’s leading sources of trends, forecasts, and news.

Only a very rare and very wonderful man could accomplish such a thing.

Tod Maffin is a rare and wonderful man

“Tod Maffin is a rare and wonderful man. He is so accomplished in the areas of business, media, technology, and building community. But, he is also one of the most down to earth, approachable personalities I know. He is a gifted communicator, a caring person, and a first class technologist. This is a potent combination.”
– Arjun Singh, President, Fair Voting BC -

As published by Tod Maffin

What's your problem?

Tod Maffin's version of absolute power.
I wrote a comment at a famous blog.
Tod didn't like it, and took the intial steps of legal action to have it removed.
He was successful.

It made me an unhappy camper.
And I happen to really like it here.

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