Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Goofy Guru

He's at it again.
The JFK Assassination conclusions are about to be blown wide open!
From the mind of Tod Maffin comes what everyone else missed.

Of course, when I tell people about my fascination (obsession?) with the Kennedy assassination, many people ask if I think Lee Harvey Oswald did it. I do have a theory. (”Well Chris, what is it that it is – this theory of mine. Well, this is what it is – my theory that I have, that is to say, which is mine, is mine.”)

Like the Warren Commission found, I think Oswald fired shots from the sixth floor of the TSBD building. Except don’t think he was aiming at Kennedy.

I’m going to finally write out my theory in the coming day or two and will post it here.

~ Tod

And while we wait ... holy crap ... he's going to print out his meticulous inventory of JFK Assassination memorobilia ... started when he was 11 ...
Really, worthless junk.
To the point where it includes a magazine that's famous for NOT HAVING ANYTHING IN IT ABOUT KENNEDY !!!!!

And lots of DVD's he couldn't even sell for a dollar!

All typed out with dates and details.

At least he wasn't collecting dolls, but, Tod may surprise us yet.

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