Friday, August 31, 2007

Some Island That Looks Like A Running Shoe - $20 Million

Hilton Head. Good name.

Tod Maffins Press Release Bio - Priceless

It must be the "wow" factor.
And it's easy to go "wow" over this ingratiating and helpful profile of the Wunderkind.

And getting your writing in the Vancouver Sun is not easy.
It has become one of the most anally retentive newspapers ever, afraid of change, as if the unseen hand of the religious right is editing it.
The Globe & Mail is a hippie paper by comparison.
The Vancouver Sun has very high standards don't you know, and only a few years ago had a prominent columnist exposed for plagiarizing her hip, trendy "issues/sexinthecity' showcased pieces.

The Secret of Tod Maffin's Success: Self-Acclaim

Tod Maffin Can See The Future

He's becoming a respected international authority on it, and by the time you finish reading this sentence he's been one for a decade.

Is The Lavin Agency taking this down to use on an updated inflation of Tod's impressive blah, blah, blah, blah,

Does Tod Maffin Copy and Paste ALL His Ideas?

If Tod Maffin is capable of copying verbatim sentences from the internet and presenting them as his own, then is it much of a stretch to suggest that all his "cutting edge" ideas (yeah, like show me one!) come from simply reading other people's essays?

Try looking through back issues of Wired, and see how many of the notions touted as big deals then mean anything now.
Pretty much the same as Tod's "visions".
Utter nonsense, that's out of date before it's published.

Not that he's alone in using other people's brains to do his thinking for him.
I admit, I get mine from Bob Dylan, Dan Mcleod, Howard Stern, Irving Stowe, and Amy Winehouse and ... (on and on and on)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Get The Distinct Impression That He's Full Of Shit

Two year ago, Tod Maffin declared that Email is dead.
Which makes me wonder how far into the future can this Futurist foresee?
It's a relative measurement, isn't it?
3 years?
20 years?
50 years?

Or can he go so far into the future that it is beyond mine or his lifetime?
How about just one future little tidbit or something that will help me make more money next year.
I'm looking forward to learning many more of Tod Maffin's visionary scenarios, while at the same time asking "why bother?"


Tod Maffin's Future File Is A Thing Of The Past

How do you walk away from 10,000 web readers?

Hey Tod! Got A Light?

Oh, I forgot.

You don't smoke ... anything.

Bully for you.


Noam Chomsky, a most distinguished intellectual and moral dissident, once wrote that the old motto about speaking "truth to power" is overrated. Power, as he points out, quite probably knows the truth already, and is mainly interested in suppressing or limiting or distorting it. We would therefore do better to try to instruct the powerless. I am not sure that there is a real difference in this distinction. Ruthless and arrogant though power can appear, it is only ever held by mere mammals who excrete and yearn, and who suffer from insomnia and insecurity. These mammals are also necessarily vain in the extreme, and often wish to be liked almost as much as they desire to be feared.

~ Christopher Hitchens

I'm Nothing Compared To Tod Maffin

I know that this blog doesn't have "10,000 readers, including national business journalists and senior managers in the information technology field."

That's a lot of people!

But it's comforting to know that it has at least one.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Fun For The Whole Family!

(well, for those who can read in the family)

No joke ... it's really HERE

On Today's Menu ...

Tod Maffin Is The Marshall McLueless Of Our Time

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tod Maffin's License Plate



NOW THIS ... Is The Real Thing

This is a person who makes it a good experience to be alive in this world.
If you're looking for a smart, witty, decent and trustworthy person, this is his picture.

He works for The New York Times.


This is the person Tod Maffin wishes he were, yet wants you to believe that he is.
This is the great David Pogue, of the New York Times.
He's written 900 gazillion books.
He's the real thing.
And a joy.

Tod Maffin has written ... a pamphlet.
Tod wants to sell himself to the public as someone who is a Canadian counterpart of David Pogue.
Why, he's an international authority on stuff, don't you know.

Tod Maffin is no David Pogue.
And he's no joy to me.

Maybe You Just Went A Little Too Far, Tod ...

You began to believe your own pretentious hype ... one person even suggested Tod Maffin as President of the CBC ... and then insisted that everyone adhere, and never question or doubt.

And you coercively suppressed any contrary opinion.

If the CBC wants to continue to play along with you, letting their credibility fly in the wind, that's their problem.

But you're being a phony, Tod.
And not the nice superior person you want to project.
Instead, you're a bully and a coward.

I'm still waiting for that lawyer threat you pulled on Ouimet and Tea Makers, using fear to try and make yourself the only one untouchable on that blog.

I intend to have my say whether you like it or not.
And for however many more minutes I'm interested and amused by this time-consuming venture.

Called "considering the ethics of Tod Maffin and the CBC".

Frankly, I confess, this one is over my head.

Neil Gorman likes the word "fuck", as in "I'll kick your fucking ass".
And he has an analogy between podcasts and a "fucking toaster".
Tod liked it so much he took a picture of this part of Neil's presentation.
It's a provocative and attention-getting statement, but what on earth does it mean?
neil explains ...

But the usefulness of his advice still eludes me.
Now if Neil had said "don't leave your brain on a frying pan", that I would understand.

Monday, August 27, 2007


(from Eric TodButtKissington)


(from The Tea Makers)

The Bravery of Tod Maffin

"If the Guild or CBC wants something off my web site, I will gladly provide the contact information for my lawyer and would welcome the challenge in court.

"Bring it."

Connie, isn't that more like Tod Maffin Hotel ROOM Lecture?

If Tod Maffin Really Had A Clue ...

If Tod Maffin had a third eye into the world, he would post a feature article about this blog on all his web sites.
But Tod Maffin doesn't know how to think outside the box.

Nor does he understand the implications of a web site like this.
Because he doesn't understand the true fundamentals of media, or concepts like human rights, free speech, and democracy.
But maybe, the absolute worst is, he doesn't know what's funny.

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, Bloglines just notified Tod Maffin that he has a P.R. crises

stop it guys, I'm in the middle of a letter to my lawyer

Ginger Baker had to be on heroin to do this ...

I can't.
I just can't post that silly video of him hitting the cow bell.

Tod Maffin - "Penned By ..." Is Not The Same As "Written By ..."

Tod Maffin knows how to use the World Wide Web to make life easier.

He also knows the keyboard shortcuts for Copy and Paste

By Tod

Not By Tod

By Tod

Not By Tod

By Tod

Not By Tod

Tod Maffin's Basic Premise




What's your problem?

Tod Maffin's version of absolute power.
I wrote a comment at a famous blog.
Tod didn't like it, and took the intial steps of legal action to have it removed.
He was successful.

It made me an unhappy camper.
And I happen to really like it here.

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