Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tod Maffin can do anything he wants in the name of the CBC, and with their help

(see this website heading by clicking on it)

sent August 13, 2007 ...

(Dear CBC morning radio show, Toronto)
This morning on Metro Morning, I heard Andy Barrie refer his listeners to a website titled "cbcnerd,com". (audio attached)
Upon bringing up the page, I discovered that this site was a promotion for todmaffin.com and Mr. Maffin.
I am interested to know who is the registered owner of the domain name "cbcnerd.com", on this day August 13, 2007. The ".com" would indicate a commercial enterprise.
Although I see numerous references to the CBC, the dominant presence on this page is Mr. Maffin and various links that include his own website.

Despite the lack of a CBC logo on the page, I assume that the CBC has authorized Mr. Maffin's use of the term "cbc" and does not hesitate to endorse this promotion of his private company.
As well as my earlier question, may I also be able to learn who authorized this use of the term "cbc" in the domain name?

I'm sorry to take up your time with this, but I'm extremely curious to understand this situation and the privileges accorded reporters for the CBC.


hear audio here, if you mustand watch out for the pop-up ad. But don't worry. It's not of Tod.

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