Friday, August 24, 2007

TOD MAFFIN IS ... ... ... HUH?

he's gonna milk that Globe and Mail line for as much as he can ...

Tod knows that people are lazy.
And sometimes dumber than their wardrobe or job title suggest. (yeah, like that's news!).
So when he travels anywhere to speak, he likes to make it easy for the dullard introducing him, by offering a prepared statement be read before he takes the stage.
And if you're listening to this gobbledygook, you might actually think that there was more than just a nerdy geek standing in front of you.
You'd be wrong.

If you think this peon to greatness that is Tod, is a bit over the top, you'd be right.

A first webmaster? What year did he first create with HTML?
A site ranked 7th best in the world? By who?? What site was that?? is just a web name, and a few pages on the internet, once upon a time.

Lexant technology, a kind of relational database, will easily be surpassed as the world wide web gets savvier about collecting data.
But I know that in Vancouver, at the turn of the century (2000) there were several wiz kids playing start-up .com companies and selling software programs to desperately UN-futurist businesses.
And some did well, and others not.
It was quite the trip to watch as people would come in to offer money for the next big thing.
Some clever salesmanship there.

I've read Nicholas Negroponte's BEING DIGITAL and Search and some of Synergy.
They were really neat.

I walked into a gymnasium among a small group of people just as Buckminster Fuller was starting to speak, and found that what seemed like 30 minutes was now two hours later. I became enamored with him, and with geodesic domes and read all his books.
I use an Apple computer.

And I want to tell you, that Tod Maffin is no Buckminster Fuller.

He's a dork.


Tod Maffin said...


First, yes, I'm a dork. :-) I wear it like a badge of honour! If you're trying to insult me, I'd recommend "grammar-deficient nerd." That would totally piss me off. :)

Second, despite your claim, was a real company. It employed many people. It produced products that people paid for. We had a real office.

I left the firm around the same time CBC asked me to produce a national technology show, which was the right timing for me personally and for the company, which needed a CEO more experienced in public companies (which I was not).

My partners and I did not make one penny from's stock value (which personally valued us both at more than $10m).



P.S. Seriously, Allan... dude... this one I'm DYING to see if you'll let stay on your site. :)

Allan said...

I don't need any help from you, or advice on how to piss you off, as you surely know by now.

The CBC asked you to do something for them?
That's kind of stretching the facts isn't it Tod?
You're saying they approached you?
Care to give us the name of the person who sought you out?

I also worked in an office that was doing IPO stuff, so I'm kind of surprised that you are wasting your talent (and our time) with the peanuts that CBC pays when you could be raking it in with your big ideas.

But we both know that without the CBC, you'd be nothing and nowhere.

I read through the documentation available on the internet in relation to these two companies, and I also know what they're actually saying.

What's your problem?

Tod Maffin's version of absolute power.
I wrote a comment at a famous blog.
Tod didn't like it, and took the intial steps of legal action to have it removed.
He was successful.

It made me an unhappy camper.
And I happen to really like it here.

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