Saturday, January 31, 2009

There is no risk of Tod Maffin becoming a lawyer

Tod gets all hopped up over a court ruling,
He views himself as more perceptive and sensible than a B.C. Supreme Court Justice.

the headline for the story:
Court orders Falun Gong to dismantle protest hut

I'm familiar with this part of Vancouver and this protest.
And I'm frankly surprised that it's taken this long for the city to act.
Does anyone think that people have a right to start erecting structures on any part of any street that they take a fancy to?
How about on your street?
How about on every street?
What if we all made a run for it and set up our own personal bus shelter with a private lock on it? I got here first!

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Sunni Stromberg-Stein ruled Thursday that erecting permanent structures goes against the fundamental purpose of the street.

Like, duh.

Tod Maffin is being very dumb, as usual.

TOD ... for the record his own words

This ( ) is a SHIT DECISION. Look at the picture and you tell me if their booth "encroaches" on the sidewalk. :-(

@buzzbishop Whoa Look at the photo. It simply is NOT ON THE SIDEWALK. They impede nobody. The stay 100% silent. Remove them? Really?!?!

@buzzbishop Yes, but the structure isn't what the court ruled against. It ruled against impeding the SIDEWALK which it CLEARLY doesn't do!

@dbarefoot You asked "Should we permit all non-intrusive, effectively-permanent protest structures?" YES WE SHOULD. That's free speech. :-)

Never ever ever take legal advice from an idiot.
(that would be Tod Maffin)


Mindy Miller said...

Holy crap, Dude. I just stumbled upon your blogspot and well, wow. What is the deal with your constant assault on Tod Maffin? He seems to be a cool guy and certainly knows his shit. All of this really just makes you look like the idiot.

Allan said...

why aren't you a real person Mindy? so that I can check out your curves.

Don't you get it?
This blog is intended to make Tod look like the idiot.
Not me.
I'm no idiot.
I know technical stuff.
I know how to splice take and punch up a cart for sound effects.
I can tell you what the future holds and back it up with pages on the web.
I know what YouTube videos are funny and how to use other people's ideas.
I'm an interesting person, vulnerable and shy, yet confident and strong.
Money talks, baby, and get a load of this wad.
OK, now look up.

You see this as an assault on Maffin.
That means you don't actually read what's in front of you.
You don't think.

Tod knows his shit alright, because he's full of it.

In the middle of all that air in your head you have this thought that Tod is a "cool dude".
When in fact, Tod is everything that's wrong in this world.

But I'm trying my best to fix him. In a way that Tod will one day come to see as the best friend he ever had.

And you can't see that?

If I can be serious here for a moment, Wendy, I mean Windy, I mean Mindy, ... then again, you're probably just a drive-by shooting, and not really all that interested in dialogue.

You just wanted me to know that I look like an idiot.

Here's my prediction for your future:
you will eventually, many years from now, look back on this blog and see it for what it is.

Anonymous said...

I can assure you that the wall emblazened with the 'Falun Dung' is in very bad taste. Why even on the hallowed corner of Spadina and Dundas in Toronto you can be assaulted by the same crap that is soiling the walls of Vancouver. I do not appreciate this kind of activity from anyone, they should keep their mouths shut or go home and effect some kind of social changes. Griping about it does not change the facts or the reality, it is easy to protest when you face no reprisals, bloody cowards all!
University Ave. used to be so beautiful, now it is littered with parade after parade of dissatisfied immigrants displaying their bad manners for all to see. Welcome to Canada! Come on in, but leave your political and religious excrement behind.

"Oh, look at me, I'm safe from the ravages of war, or religion, my family is caught in the deluge, woe is them! To look like a concerned citizen you try and give the impression that you really care about the injustice!" BOLLOCKS! You're safe now, don't make your new neighbours suffer the pangs of your 'former' maltreatment. Give it a rest! Better yet, go out and get educated, grow some balls and then go back to your precious homelands and make some changes, stand up instead of crapping all over the sensitivities of those who opened their doors to afford you a better life!
Toad Muffin

You're no humble genius Allan, you claim to be an interesting person, vulnerable and shy, yet confident and strong, well you certainly do have an extremely lofty opinion of yourself. Why I'll bet that you are an elder statesman of the broadcast industry yourself. It shows in the self-serving way that you make the aforementioned claims of genius, humility and confidence. You are interesting though, I'll give you that much.

Allan said...

You're interesting as well.

I understand what you're saying about protests.
I understand that you are expressing a view that is not uncommon.

I'll tell you mu view of the Falon Gong.
I know nothing about them.
I assume they have a legitimate grievance, but I've not made any effort to learn what that is.
The protesters on that particular spot on Granville Street have been there for what seems like more than ten years.
Apparently they got so tired of walking up and down (it's a rule that you have to keep moving) that they decoded to take a long coffee break and put up a cardboard replica of themselves, then replace that with the more durable wood material, and stretch it out so that motorists whizzing by would still notice their presence.
It's a bit surprising that what I see in the picture was tolerated for more than 5 minutes.
But, hey, it's laid-back Vancouver.

I was photographing a marijuana rally in downtoen Toronto when a tourist couple walked by and saud in accented english - "what a liberal country". And I think that's what we need to keep in mind when we are inconvenienced by hundreds of people taking up the street to demonstarte in support of CUPE or the Stanley Cup or Iran. We can remind ourselves every time we see these crowds of opinionated people that ours is a country that can cope with hearing all views expressed, and stand firmly in support of the freedom to do so.

I've not described myself here in any serious way, any more than your name is Toad.

Anonymous said...

Here's a few tidbits for your edification; the followers of Li Hongtzhi, should call themselves 'Falun Donkeys'. I think that he is another Jim Jones and the world his Jonestown. What the heck kind of people believe that crap?

Toad Muffin alias Cao Dung

Allan said...

I'd rather start here
Human beings have always had an inclination toward systems of belief that they insist govern natural reality. Choosing a path these days entails being confronted by many, many different roads at your feet. Yet they all have very basic similarities.
Religion, cults and belief systems have been a lifetime fascination, along side social justice.

Have you ever tried talking with a Jehovah's Witness, a Mormon or a Republican?
Have you already realized that you would be wasting your time confronting the Gong representatives?

Humans are vulnerable, more easily influenced than we'd like to think. Advertisers count on it. Governments insist.
People will believe almost anything, whether it's Tod's claims about himself or getting ready for a spaceship that never comes.

I very much enjoyed Christopher Hitchens last book.
It focused more on the core problems with any religion.

This post had to do with a simple legal issues, and rights of communities along side those of the individual.

What's your problem?

Tod Maffin's version of absolute power.
I wrote a comment at a famous blog.
Tod didn't like it, and took the intial steps of legal action to have it removed.
He was successful.

It made me an unhappy camper.
And I happen to really like it here.