Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tod Maffin Thinks It's Fun To Deceive People

(and I'll explain when I get back from seeing the totally hot Irshad Manji at Indigo)

And ... we're back.
Our guest tonight is Muslim Refusenik Irshad Manji ... no, wait. that's another blog.

This one is about Tod Bullshit Maffin, and if one word were to describe this guy, that word would be DECEPTIVE, as in to deceive ...

But this guy is so full of shit I'll need a bit longer to pull together just a sample of his misdeeds.
Stay tuned ...

I know Tod will, hoping finally to have a case to take to his lawyer.

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What's your problem?

Tod Maffin's version of absolute power.
I wrote a comment at a famous blog.
Tod didn't like it, and took the intial steps of legal action to have it removed.
He was successful.

It made me an unhappy camper.
And I happen to really like it here.

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