Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Is the CBC paying Tod Maffin or not?

Dear CBC

Last week, at insidecbc.ca, the official blog of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, in an item titled "Reality shows: Is the fad not going to end?", dated Sept. 25, 2007, Mr. Tod Maffin wrote

"Then again, I’d like to think that Canadians are different — maybe a bit more discerning in how they spend their TV time."

I find this remark extremely offensive, let alone indicative of very poor judgement.
To declare that Canadians are better than other nationalities at judging television programs, is insulting, arrogant, and just plain stupid.
To think that the CBC is paying someone to write such nonsense is outrageous.

I wrote to Mr. Jeff Keay, Head of Communications for the CBC, asking him, very simply, if the CBC is paying Mr. Maffin to make such a remark.
Mr. Keay refused to answer, stating that this was "considered a private matter".

For the CBC to suggest anywhere that it is governed by ethics and accountability, has just become unbelievable.
And apparently I now have to resort to freedom of information to get a simple yes or no.
The CBC is revealing itself to be far less than a responsible public broadcaster with any integrity than we would wish to have for this country.

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What's your problem?

Tod Maffin's version of absolute power.
I wrote a comment at a famous blog.
Tod didn't like it, and took the intial steps of legal action to have it removed.
He was successful.

It made me an unhappy camper.
And I happen to really like it here.

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