Saturday, September 8, 2007


At 7:52 pm, Vancouver Time, September 6, 2007, Tod Maffin had something to say ...

oh, and a bit more ...

actually, a lot more ...

65 comments all together in the space of a couple of hours.
But since there are 161 posts, he chose to skip a few.
In fact, rather than offering just one sober and thoughtful response to any of my concerns, he basically had a lot of "LOL"'s and silly repetitive remarks.
And he seemed especially paranoid that I would delete his comments out of my fear of his powerful brain.
Sorry, Tod.
The very worst thing I could do is to leave them exactly as you offered them up, so of course you'll find them all there.
In fact, if you want to submit an actual piece, I'm happy to post it on the main page.
Hell, if you want to write this whole friggen' blog yourself, be my guest.

So I am now left with the delightful task of reading each and every one of his trivial comments and probably adding some of my own.

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What's your problem?

Tod Maffin's version of absolute power.
I wrote a comment at a famous blog.
Tod didn't like it, and took the intial steps of legal action to have it removed.
He was successful.

It made me an unhappy camper.
And I happen to really like it here.

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