Thursday, September 6, 2007

FUTURE iPOD REVEALED! release date: 2036

thanks for the heads-up, Tod!


Tod Maffin said...


I'm enjoying your blog (no, seriously, I am!).

For the record, that quote was a joke which the reporter laughed at but didn't indicate in the story I was kidding.

So, Mr. "Everyone Should Have Free Speech" -- will you leave this comment on your blog?


Allan said...

Flattery or otherwise, all comments will remain.

It's hard to tell about some of your ideas.
Frankly, they could all be called "jokes", but the chip-in-the-head one was common before you were born.

What's your problem?

Tod Maffin's version of absolute power.
I wrote a comment at a famous blog.
Tod didn't like it, and took the intial steps of legal action to have it removed.
He was successful.

It made me an unhappy camper.
And I happen to really like it here.

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