Friday, December 28, 2007

Tod Maffin's Seal of Sleaze

After announcing that the CBC has received 450 requests for Access To Information, from "a single source", Tod Maffin declares that "WE are not allowed say" who that source is.
Later, he amended his comment and directed the public to view the guesses of some guy called Dan Say:



Typical sleazy ethics to suggest that you could attach the names of real people in meaningless speculation about the source of the requests.
Coming from a "Blog Administrator" who doesn't identify themselves while casting aspersions on others.

Only the Blog Administrator is allowed to use the CBC logo as their avatar.
It visually declares the "person" to be a spokesperson for the CBC.
A spokesperson is considered to be part of Administration.

Who is this Blog Administrator?
Is it a human being or a recording?
Someone in Administration at the CBC or a freelancer?
Why the secrecy?

I have 446 more questions.

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What's your problem?

Tod Maffin's version of absolute power.
I wrote a comment at a famous blog.
Tod didn't like it, and took the intial steps of legal action to have it removed.
He was successful.

It made me an unhappy camper.
And I happen to really like it here.