Friday, February 1, 2008

Tod's Facebook Generation Summary: read it and barf

Same powerpoint presentation.
Different ticket prices:

Feb. 28 - $25
March 5 - $60

Tod's standard fee - $3,000 +

Because you and I could never think up this stuff.
Nor anyone else on the internet.


Facebook is growing in demographics. The 18 to 24 group is decreasing.

Employees know they are in charge.
They are extremenly media savy (18 to 29 years). They are bloggers.

Social networks allow for bragging rights.

They are hyperconnected and hyperinformed. Enormous multi taskers. Big brands are not important to the kids of today.

They want to change the world.

1970s wanted stability 1980s money 1990s balance Now creating meaning. People are searching for meaning

Read the Secret and see the dvd

As an employer your job is to create meaning and to articulate meaning.

The best thing you can do to attract is to tap into special things about the potential employee.

Change the world. It is about selling a spirit. It is about respect.

It starts with your people.

Web 2.O generation

Advertising is totally moving to online.

Newsfeed on Facebook is the most popular section.

1.5 million on Facebook 18 million return users

The groups in Facebook are great trusted communities
. Anyone can get a group up and going.

You can never delete your can only deactivate it.

Facebook Generation YouTube Generation

Place your own recruitment videos online.

Standout Jobs creates videos that goes on various social media sites. may be the biggest recruiting tool. It is free to post a job listing in Canada.

Expect a flood of responses on day one after you post jobs on these sites.

Now that you have got the people how do you keep them? What have you done for your employees lately? Employees want to brag about great things at their workplace within social media sites.

Move away from the "not my job mentality".

What does your company stand for? Use the technology to advance your brand.

Run your recruiting in high tech. Run your brain in low tech.

from Jane Boyd

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